How to Build Your Own Punching Bag Stand

Whether you need to work out some aggression or you just want to keep your boxing or martial-arts skills sharp, a punching bag is an essential tool for meeting your training needs. Although most bags are suspended by a chain from the ceiling, sometimes suspension is not an option. Fortunately, building a stand for your punching bag is a fairly simple process.

Step 1

Screw four of the 4-foot pipe lengths into the five-way splitter, then put a cap on each free end. This is the base of the stand.

Step 2

Insert the 8-foot pipe in the fifth slot on the five-way splitter. Put the three-way splitter on the other end of the 8-foot pipe.

Step 3

Place the remaining 4-foot pipe sections in the other ends of the three-way splitter, then cap the free ends of the pipes.

Step 4

Weld the two iron rings about 6 inches from the far ends of each of the two top pipes. These will serve as the hook points for the bag and the counterweight.

Step 5

Use the chain from the bag to secure the punching bag to one of the upper arms, from the welded ring. Secure your counterweight to the other side.

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