How to Check the Authenticity of Sports Betting Sites

The trend of sports betting and gambling took a turn towards progression when organisations decided to bring the tradition over to the World Wide Web. App developers who decided to give life to the idea of online sports betting certainly knew that they were generously helping the lovers of sports betting by gifting them the convenience of placing bets straight from the tip of their fingers.

However, given the past history of cons and scams stemmed deep within the World Wide Web, it makes complete sense for one to be unsure about which sports betting site to trust and which to ignore completely. For newbies, it is nothing short of a challenge when it comes to discerning the authenticity of a sports betting site. Thus, here are some key components you should bear in mind:

How to Judge the Authenticity of a Sports Betting Website

First and foremost, you must understand the ways through which online sports betting apps and websites work. In order to place your bet, you must give the app or website access to your credit card information. If you don’t give this information, then you’re not permitted to place the bet, obviously. However, this is where the tricky part comes in. If the app or website is run by a team of cons or scammers, then there’s a high possibility that they might steal your information and access your money. This is known as credit card fraud. When identified, you can sue the person or company behind it – but it can only be identified if you’re always on the lookout.


When you’re doing something as risky as placing an online bet on a site you are not aware of, you should always look up the reviews for that site. Don’t judge the site by one review. Instead, take your time with it and actually see if people have previously used the service or not. Sports betting sites, such as Bluebet, always have legitimate assurances and guarantees as well as a string of loyal users so it’s easier and makes sense to place your trust in them.

Licensing & History

Any sports betting app that claims to be new to town and doesn’t provide any information regarding their licensing or history is telling you straight up that they’re potentially fraudulent. A sport betting requires one to make use of their money, be it online or hand-to-hand. Thus, if the app or website of your choice doesn’t give you enough information about themselves but wants the information that is most dear to you (i.e. your credit card information), then you know what to do.

Hidden Costs

Most sports betting platforms have hidden sites which they use as a way to give you or the winning party a higher percentage of reward. If the sports betting site that you opted for does not give you this information in advance and you only get to know about it after you’ve handed them all the information about you, then they’re certainly not to be trusted.

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