Punching Bag Ideas for a Games Room

If the game room is for adults, you may look towards more adult-oriented activities like adding billiards-type games and similar. You may want video games, traditional board or card games, other console games, and even, perhaps, some fitness equipment for those times when you want something that you can exert a little adrenaline in the process of. This is why a lot of people, particularly those looking to make the ultimate Man Cave, have a high-quality punching bag in their game room.

First and foremost, punching bags, or punch bags, are just plain cool. Moreover, these bags provide a great way to stay active and physically fit and help improve hand-eye coordination and punch power. This is a healthy outlet for anger and aggression and is an ideal way to work off a little steam from time to time. And you don’t need that much equipment either. Other than the bag, all you need is a punch bag stand if it is a free standing bag (or a heavy bag stand for larger bags) and boxing gloves. They are great for keeping fit or as a training bag for martial arts, Muay Thai, and boxing itself. Once set up, you can punch and kick away.

​The thing is there are different kinds of punching bags, depending on your level of skill and fitness, as well as the type of training or exercise you want to do with the bag.

Types of Punching Bag

Depending on the kind of training you want to do and the level of cardio you want to get out of your efforts, the type of punching bag that will work best for you will vary. What follows is a concise rundown of the main types of punching bags commonly used.

Hanging Punching Bag

This is the type of punching bag most people think of when they visualize a punching bag. This is the heavy type of punching bag, most often filled with water or sand, as these are the two materials that are least likely to do damage to the user’s hands. If you are using the bag for kicking, you are likely to prefer sand.

Standing Punching Bags

This is also a heavy style punching bag, but rather than hanging from the sealing like the hanging style bag, these sit on top of a platform or pedestal. They often move around on wheels, giving you a lot more versatility to move the bag and take it with you. Again, if you are using these bags for more kicking than punching, this is likely going to be the best option available.

Uppercut Bags

In essence, this is a little version of the heavy bags we just described. Generally, they are mounted horizontally to a wall or surface and let the user get practice punching and striking under the chin.

Speed Bags

These are little bags, most often filled with air, which people use to practice speed punching. It is mounted in such a way as to have quick spring back, requiring the user to have quick reflexes and improve reaction time.

Double-End Bags

The double-end bag is a lesser-known type of punching bag that is usually strung between coils that hold it up between the floor and ceiling. This type of bag helps fighters improve their timing and practice evasive moves.

Quality Punching Bag Options

What follows are brief reviews of three different kinds of punching bags that are well rated, affordable, and cover the range of different styles.

Outslayer Filled Punching Bag

Outslayer is a popular, trusted, and well-known company that makes a variety of martial arts and other fighting-oriented equipment and accessories. Their professional 80 lb punching bag meets regulations for both boxing and MMA training and is a standard hanging punching bag. It is a great value at less than $120.

The bag is filled with fabric, rather than sand or water, making it easier on the hands, but still excellent for training. It is the standard MMA height and designed to stand the test of time. It is durable, well made, and comes with both a money-back guarantee, as well as a 10-year warranty certificate.

Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag

Everlast is another reputable company that makes a variety of fitness products and associated accessories. For those who are looking for a high quality, durable, and affordable way to practice their speed punching from the comfort of their game room, the Elite Leather Speed Bag is a great choice and incredible value at less than $30.

Ringside Free-Standing Boxing Punching Bag

Prices are accurate as of November 14, 2018 9:40 am

From the trusted brand, Ringside, comes a high end, professional quality standing heavy punching bag that blends quality with performance. At about $250, this is a great deal for something that wouldn’t be out of place in an MMA training facility.

The bag is free-standing, giving you a lot of room and versatility. This bag is great for people who like to do kick boxing or other fighting practice as a means of cardio activity. The bag is made of shock absorbing foam that helps protect your foot and provide stability to the setup.

The plastic base tank, which helps to anchor the bag to the ground, can be filled with up to 140 pounds of water, making it solid enough for even the heaviest kicks and punches. Unlike many other competitors, this back is stable and will not fall over during the course of your workout like other free standing models.

Whatever punching bag you end up choosing, this is an excellent addition to any game room. A punching bag gives you a fun, action-packed way to get in a good workout or let off some steam in a healthy way. There are different types of punching bags that are tailored to different types of training and activities and what will work best for you will depend on what kind of training you wish to do with the bag. Whether you choose one of the options we review here, or you use this as a guide to finding something that suits your specific needs, you are now armed with the knowledge you need to find the perfect punching bag for your game room.​

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